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Naseeruddin Shah (Urdu:, Hindi:) (born 20 July 1950) is an Indian film actor and director. He is considered to be one of the finest actors of Indian cinema. In 2003, the Government of India honored him with the Padma Bhushan for his contributions towards Indian cinema.

Early life

Born in Barabanki, Uttar Pradesh, India, he is a descendant of the 19th-century Afghan warlord Jan Fishan Khan, and related to the Afghan writer Idries Shah, the famous Pakistani actor, Syed Kamal Shah , Direct


Personal life

He is married to Bollywood actress Ratna Pathak Shah. They have a daughter, Heebaa, and two sons, Imaad and Vivaan. They have co-starred in the films like Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na, Mirch Masala and The Perfect Murder.

Heeba Shah is Mr. Shah's daughter from the earlier marriage. She is not the daughter of Ratna Pathak Shah. Naseeruddin Shah married Ratna Pathak after the demise of Heeba Shah's mother.,



Civilian Awards

Award Film Year status
India's fourth highest civilian award Padma Shri 1987 Won
India's Third highest civilian award Padma Bhushan 2003 Won

National Film Award

Award Film Year



  • Nishant (1975) Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi, as Vishwam
  • Manthan (1976) Smita Patil, as Bhola
  • Bhumika (1977) Smita Patil, as Sunil Verma
  • Tabbaliyu Neenaade Magane (1977) (Kannada) as Shastri
  • Junoon (1978) Shabana Azmi, as Sarfaraz Khan
  • Sparsh (1979) Shabana Azmi, as Aniruddh Parmar
  • Aakrosh (1980) Smita Patil, as Bhaskar Kulkarni
  • Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai (1980) Shabana Azmi, as Albert Pinto
  • Bhavni Bhavai (1980) Smita Patil
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