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Mustafa Qureshi (Urdu :) was born in Bannu before partition of India. He is a Pakistani film actor. He gained popularity from Punjabi films. His iconic role as the villain Noori Nat in the movie Maulajut became a trademark and he went on to adapt similar roles for many years to come. He did regret being typecast as he wished to show his versatility in acting.



  • 2008 Basanti. Suhagan.
  • 2007 Soha Jora.
  • 2000 Angaray
  • 1996 Chief Sahib. Mummy. Jeeva
  • 1995 Sargam. Chaahat.
  • 1992 Nag Devta.
  • 1991 International Gorillay. Loha. Shadmani
  • 1988 Aag Hi Aag. Choron Ka Badshah.
  • 1985 Hong Kong Key Sholay.
  • 1984 Sholay.
  • 1980 Hitlar.
  • 1979 Maulajut... as Noorie Natt
  • Lakhon Main Ek
  • Jeedar
  • He started his film career as villain from film Lakhoon Main Aik in seventies.
    He is also considered to be a

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