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Hina Dilpazeer is one of the famous & talented actress of Pakistan Mini screen.Today, Hina seems to have swept over the mini-screen, filling the gap left by the late Arshe Munir, Ishrat Hashmi, Atiya Sharf and Sarwat Ateeq.Hina has contributed alot to Pakistan Drama.She was a part of hit serials like Yeh Zindagi hay,Burnes road ke Nilofer,Chemistry & many more.Hina Dilpazeer has appeared in many Pakistani TV dramas and sitcoms. Firstly starred in Doraha. After Doraha, she began to received many offers, and signed Ab Ghar Jannay Do, Anokha Bandhan, Kaisay Aye Qarar and Quddusi Sahab Ki Bewa in which she played multiple roles (i.e: widow of Quddusi, Badarqa Jahan the daughter of Quddusi, Rooh Afzah and Bengali Baji). She also featured in Jahaiz. Her latest, and most popular role is "Mumtaz (Momo)" in Bulbulay. Her role as Momo received extremely positive feedback worldwide, and after she joined in Season 2, Bulbulay has become one of the most viewed and funniest Pakistani sitcom ever to air on television, all due to Hina Dilpazeer's presence within the show. It was also reported in an interview that "without her the show wouldn't have been where it is today".


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