Shooting Games

Milky Shoot

Move your mouse left or right to move. Click the top area to jump. The higher you click the higher you will jump. Click the bottom area to go down... watch your step! Watch your step from electricity and all enemies. Hit space to shoot milk at enemie
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Pirate blast

Use the mouse to aim and keyboard to shoot

Legend of Robinhood

King's men have found my hideout in the forest, So i have to escape as fast as I can. Fortunately, I'll meet only week Swordsmen and Bowmenhere. They need only two arrows or one sword hit to be killed. So I'll brake barrels, get some arrows from, and

Captain usa

Hold your gun and destroy the enemy army and get into the next level of the game be a true soldier!

Office Paintball

Shoot the smileys. You must achieve at least 70% efficiency to advance to the next level. Good Luck!

Final Fortress

Play 10 levels in two different phases. Defend the city against the enemy attacks.


If your enemy is too far he might be unattainable with your handgun... so try using your sniper.

Gringo Bandido

Kill consecutive bandits to keep your combo meter full. Score more points when your meter is high. Kill the bandits to draw out the level boss. Defeat him to clear the stage!

Swat attack

Fight hard for your life. Use your combat skills to defeat the SWAT and FBI fighters. Use the w, a, s, d Keys to move, 1-5 to change guns, mouse to shoot "e" to climb, "q" to throw grenades and Control to duck. Good Luck!


Protect your ship from bombardment. usthe mouse to control the turret. Watch the stats. Press left mouse button to fire

Sundown shootout

Your goal is to make name for yourself by winning all duels.
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