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Use your brain and try to find some way out for the yellow vehicle.
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Use your brain and try to find some way out for the yellow vehicle.

The Explorer

Left click to move explore. Move mouse to change explorer direction. Go to Teleport to complete the stage. Good Luck!


To play "Wordz" from valid words matching the topic chosen by the computer. Be careful, if you have more than three mistakes, is Game Over!

Tourist Trap

You must collect all the gold coins to proceed onto the next level. You must take both tourists to the blue water mark block in order to exit the level. YOu can blow up the white walls using the bombs that you pickup and the chests you can smiply pus


Get to the escape area in as few clicks of the mouse as possible without being caught up in a chase with the security gyard. Click a square to the top, bottom, left or right of you character to move. Plan on how you can lead the guard to a dead end w


Connect the pipes so the ater can flow from the pump to the crops and animals without spilling onto desert floor. Pump it! When you are happy with the pipes. You must pump up enough pressure to send the water flowing by clicking on the dial in shythm

Brain Safari

A good puzzle game to increase your Analyze, Calculate, Memory and Visual powers

Gold Diggers

We have now a great machine to safely exploit god in mines infested by monsters. Pick up tresure and eat the monsters to prevent the monsters from bitting your pipes. Let bombs touch your popes, but don't eat them

Mesme Marble

Use the Arrow keys to guide your marble to the Exit and go to the next level.


One of the best puzzle games complete your picture with puzzles and unlock the next one.
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