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In this gamge you are piolting a missile through a large tunnel, and you must avoid crashing to make it to the end of each stage. Fly through the holes in the rotating obstacles to survive and make it through each level. The position of your mouse is
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Controlling your chatracter could not be easier. Siimply move thim around with your name using the left butonto fire. Hold down the buttin longer to generate more power. Keep an eye out for the power ups, collecting these will make all you all the mo


Use the glowing ball to eliminate all the moce. Protect your cheese for as long as you can. Drag and release the ball to make it move, you can do this at any time, on just when its stationary. Hit powerups with the ball to pick them up

Balloon Shooter

Press left mouse for fire. If you miss three baloons then you loose. Your goal is to score 1000 points.


Stander rign must go through center it to score point. Ballon you must shoot several time to destroy it and to score a point.


Aim with the mouse. Press and click to shoot. Move with the arrow keys. Spacebar resets.

Monkey Jump

Jump out as dar as you can to reach the Golden Banana. Collect fruits while jumping to add more scores but careful not to fall or run out of time! Use the mouse to aim and jump. Good Luck!


The objective is to run all the way to the goal while escaping the scroching lava that runs through the stage. You can transform into 3 different creatures with their own unique abilities to overcome various obstacles

Fish eat fish

Use the mouse to create a ring round as many fish as you can that are of the same color. When a valid ring is made the bigger fish will gobble up the smaller one, growing even bigger. You will advance to the next level only when there is one large fi


Your main objective is to protect the princess by defending her tower from ther relentless onslaught of enemies, to do this you must pick them up and throw them off either side of the screen. Simply use your mouse to drag and release them again to se

Go Green Go

Your goal is to lan accurately right on the platform. Control your ship with the arrow keys. You can slightly increase or decrease the descending of the ship with the up arrow. Remember slow down the ship during landing. Good Luck!
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