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Personal Life

Early and personal life

Qureshi was born to Abid Qureshi and widely popular film actress Afshan Qureshi in Lahore. It was due to the frequent visits to TV sets with his mother that Qureshi was first discovered. He was first married at the age of 18, but his marriage was unsuccessful and the couple was divorced 7 years later, despite having a 6 year old daughter. He married again when he was 28, though once again, the marriage was unsuccessful and the couple was divorced 2 Years later. He has a son with his second wife who now lives in UK later.He married a third time, at the beginning of 2010 to a woman named Sana. He has one son with his second wife. He lives in Karachi with his mother, wife, and 18-year old daughter Hanish Qureshi.while his son is in UK with his mother. Faisal is good friends with fellow actor Aijaz Aslam and director Baber Javed. He hosted a memorial to deceased actorMoin Akhter on April 29, 2011 along with Aijaz Aslam. Faysal Qureshi The Actor. Original Fan Page on Facebook:

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